Smart Solutions

  • With the passing of each year, the world we know is changing rapidly with advancement of technology and its integration with our day today lives enhancing the quality of life. Govt functionaries across the globe are proactively embrassing the use of new technologies resulting in rise of smart cities.
  • The decision to build robust smart city infrastructures has been taken & agressively persued at the top level of Govt, it is surely going to give rise to the opportunities in the area of establishment of Datacenters, Command & Control Centers, Intelligent City Surveillance, Intelligent Traffic Management systems, smart governance solutions, Asset Monitoring, IOT Solutions.
  • Various other govt departments are also increasingly getting aware about the use of smart solutions for their Assets’ Management in efficient way. With the use advancement in Communication technologies and efficient hardwares at their disposal, it is becoming easy & productive way of remotely monitoring all the assets to gain rich insights, their use of energy, possible leakages/wastages and to have better control over your asset.


SHREE TECH DATA LIMITED are one of the first partners to engage into design & development of Datacentes for major telecom companies in early 2000s. STDL was aligned with the growth of smart solutions environment right from the begining and acquired the expertise as the ecosystem grew.

Why Choose STDL?

At present, STDL has following offerings in Smart Solutions segment

Turnkey Datacenter & ICCC Works With IT & Non IT Scope
Metro AFC Works
Automated Meter Reading
Street Lights Monitoring System
Transformer Monitoring System
Substation Feeder Monitoring Systems
Digital Classroom / E-Classroom
Data Security
Cyber Security 
Drone Services
CCTV Survellience Works
Prepaid Metering
STP & ETP Monitoring
Vehicle Tracking Systems
DG Set Monitoring Sysem
Real Time Data Acquisition System
Face Recognition Projects