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SHREE TECH DATA LIMITED (STDL) strongly believes in inclusive economic growth. STDL has aligned CSR strategy with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by United Nations. STDL’S CSR initiatives are based on this principle, with the ultimate goal of bringing tangible and sustainable development to the place, were we live, work and protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Schedule VII of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 lists out various areas in which corporate entities are expected to deploy their CSR funds and implement programs for social development. STDL has strategically chosen the company’s CSR initiatives with a focus on improving the quality of life parallel to encourage the community involvement. The initiatives focus various on areas ranging from Rural Transformation, Health, Education, Sports for Development, Disaster Response, Arts, Culture and man-power involvement. STDL’s key philosophy of all the social development initiatives is based on three core commitments of Scale, Impact and Sustainability.

In coming year, STDL is planning to align its causes to form a focused strategy. The CSR strategy has taken three important causes – Health, Environment & Education. The CSR approach tries to support and encourage employee’s involvement in Community Affairs programs and offer opportunities to employees to make a positive impact on the community.

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